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Putting the "art" in partisan chocolate – Harper Macaw

Harper Macaw is a bean-to-bar chocolatier committed to the conservation of Brazilian rainforests. Believing that chocolate is more than an indulgence, they craft every bar as an edible work of art.

Collaborating with Harper Macaw, we developed a limited edition line of chocolate bars to boost sales during summer, a historically slow time for the sweet confection. Inspired by the upcoming election season, we created the Political Series, a collection of six unique flavors with each bar representing a political party, issue or phrase — from Left Wing, to Tea Party, to Filibuster.

Touching every part of this project, from concept to package design, copywriting to product creation, we also launched a social media campaign to engage our audience and ask them to vote for their favorite flavor.

From flavor and ingredients, to exterior packaging design, every element was thoughtfully curated. With names such as Red State, Tea Party, and Taxation Without Representation, each bar was designed to represent a political party or issue, with a healthy dose of humor.

After extending into social media, we curated a physical presence for the brand through a pop-up shop.

The Political Series launched with global attention, and to no one’s surprise, flavors quickly sold out. Overall, this collaboration resulted in a product that added humor and sparked conversation during an often contentious season.