And the Winner Is…

Design Army goes to the Oscars – The Oscars

Inspiring imagination and connecting the world through motion pictures, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is a prestigious organization that recognizes and upholds the highest standard of excellence.

The yearly Academy Awards gala is one of the film industry’s most highly anticipated events, but much of what the Academy accomplishes occurs behind the scenes. We were first approached to conceive and execute the creative direction for The Academy’s Annual Report. The following year, we were asked to design The Academy Member Welcome Package.

For the member welcome package, our goal was to boost engagement. We looked to create an experience around the prestigious honor of becoming a member.

Delivered in a black and gold box, our packaging is engineered to inform and entice. New members are transported to an era filled with nostalgic memories of Old Hollywood.

Providing everything from practical tools to unique souvenirs, the design serves as an homage to the Golden Era of Hollywood, while proving to be a valuable resource in today’s world.