Hong Kong Cool

Bringing the passion of dance to life – Hong Kong Ballet

The Hong Kong Ballet is one of Asia’s premier ballet companies, known for modern interpretations of classic masterpieces — always seeking to innovate and push boundaries to create memorable performances.

Design Army was approached to concept, design, and art direct the company’s 2018/2019 creative campaign, “Never Stand Still.” We looked to establish a vibrant, energy filled brand experience that reflects the passion and drive of dance, and the Hong Kong Ballet’s new artistic director, the highly acclaimed choreographer, Septime Webre.

At the center of the work is the photography, shot in Hong Kong with dancers from the troupe. For the brand images, we created a visually stunning language speaking to the vibrancy and energy of the art form, the dancers, and the city itself. We designed a lush, rich world of fantasy through fashion, color, and typography — establishing a recognizable and dynamic brand language.

The concept began with storyboards. Marrying iconic Hong Kong locations with dancers in motion who resist the laws of gravity — seamlessly and gracefully soaring against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers and skylines.

Moving deeper into storytelling, we looked to highlight the season’s productions, Here, we simplified — creating a series of images allowing the language of dance to tell the story. Bold and graphic, we focused on the beauty of movement and the energy of the dancer.