Captivating Home

a new vision of luxury – SC ASSET

SC ASSET is one of Thailand’s premier real estate developers, with a trio of ultra-swanky new properties in Bangkok’s most sought-after locales. But unlike yesterday’s luxury, these are boldly modern — built for the young and newly affluent. To introduce this boundary-pushing vision of new luxury to Thailand, Design Army conceived and designed SC ASSET’s Luxury Collection brand and introduced it with a set of wildly whimsical films.

Captivating Home at 3 Locations | Saladaeng, Sukhumvit, Chidlom
A rabbit appears silhouetted in the moon - SC Asset Campaign by Design Army

The films follow three dreamy story lines, all tied together with distinct reimaginings of Sinatra’s “East of the Sun West of the Moon” and the image of the mysterious moon rabbit from Asian folklore.

Father and Daughter read a story - SC Asset Campaign by Design Army

The first story of the trilogy begins with a father returning home and surprising his daughter with a fantastical gift, sparking a Wonderland adventure high above Bangkok.

In the second tale, a shadowy figure appears in a record store, Bangkok parks, and finally home, where the mystery is at last solved.

A woman celebrates her birthday with cake and balloons - SC Asset Campaign by Design Army

This final film takes us on a wild ride of style and magic. A fashionista is given a white rabbit for her birthday. But, as quickly as he enters her life — he disappears…