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Marking Two Decades of Adobe InDesign – Adobe Stock

Adobe provides the world standard in professional graphics software and creative assets. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first release of their industry-leading layout application InDesign, we partnered with Adobe Stock to give InDesign users everywhere a collection of layout templates designed by Design Army.

In honor of InDesign’s last 20 years and InDesign’s future, we looked to the last 20 years of design and our own future predictions for inspiration. The result was a collection of layouts for some of the most quintessential needs in print. The customizable layouts give everyone the ingredients to build posters, magazines, look books, brochures, and proposals like the pros. 


Memphis design, an inspired 90s Italian movement, drove a unique trend across architecture, textile and graphic design. Our magazine template refreshes the style—fusing 1950s kitsch with Art Deco geometric shapes and Pop Art colors. But InDesign users don’t have to stop there. With just a few clicks you can take the style in a completely different direction.

To design our business proposal template, we drew on inspiration from the days of the “World Wide Web,” when the Internet was just becoming part of the visual vernacular. A digitized vibe was created using David Carson-influenced 90s typography, web layouts, monospace fonts, linear layouts, and tables.

We crafted this look book specifically for the creative community, so photographers, artists and designers can easily showcase their latest creations. Out of the box, the template is thoroughly elegant: abundant white space, a muted palette, and an artful mix of serif and sans-serif type. But swap the fonts and colors and watch the layout go from contemporary classical to indie hip-hop.

We designed our trifold to offer endless flexibility. VH1-inspired technicolor gradients and bold British type provide a creative foundation that’s easily customized for any business need.

For this retro-futurist design—an abstract mash-up of Sci-fi shapes, 3D graphic elements and sleek typography—we prioritized fun and flexibility. While the design looks complex, the templates’ setup allows non-designers the ability to customize with ease.

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