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A commemorative book bringing art to center stage – The Washington Ballet

The magic of dance and the architectural beauty of Washington, DC came to life in Wonderland – a compilation book of fantastical images featuring stars of The Washington Ballet.

After a $1 million reduction in arts funding, Design Army brought together a community of creatives to work pro-bono, with a common commitment to making ballet and the arts accessible for all. The book is a mystical, visual journey with stunning photography and art direction, capturing the dynamic spirit of The Washington Ballet. More importantly, Wonderland is a tribute to the dedication that Design Army has to their clients and the Arts community in Washington, DC.

From the beginning, our intent was to bring to life 10 landmark productions while creating a cohesive, transcendent story that would stand the test of time. In order to do so, we developed a concept that brought the performances together — Alice in Wonderland was that umbrella. Our next step in the process was to begin sketching and layout design to visualize the journey. These sketches became the roadmap for production and shooting.

Much like the theater of dance, where the audience is only privy to flawless performances, photography shoots are no different. From ladders, to lights, to wind machines, to teams of people behind the scenes, each moment is meticulously sketched, thought through and art directed to capture the perfect moment on film.