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How to build a collection – Karla colletto

Karla Colletto is a designer who has redefined swimwear with the latest innovations, unique fabrics and cutting-edge techniques. Manufactured in America and impeccably crafted, her attention to detail replicates methods from old world couture.

As a longtime client, our challenge has been to continuously reimagine each collection for every new season. For this specific collection, we dreamed up the concept ‘Modernity.’

Our vision was to create a campaign that was quietly elegant, understated but dramatic, giving a nod to her bespoke traditions. Concepts began with sketches, followed by art direction to produce photographs that were used across multiple channels. Driving the campaign was a beautifully curated print catalogue, further highlighting the outstanding fit, design and details of the collection.

Created for multi-platform use, these photographs also lived within the digital and social world.

Using geometric shapes and pops of bright color, our concept offered a vibrant tone for a collection that’s modern, yet timeless. The result is visually dynamic and engaging for consumers.