Bringing Karl Lagerfeld to Bangkok

A game of cat and mouse on the streets of Paris – Jaspal x Karl Lagerfeld

Jaspal, one of Thailand’s leading fashion retailers, has consistently introduced Thai audiences to new trends — bringing a global vision of fashion to Thailand. Underscoring their position as a market leader, Jaspal entered into an exclusive collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. Our goal was to generate wide spread excitement and drive awareness across Thailand.

Through cinematic storytelling, Design Army developed a fully integrated campaign to bring Paris to Bangkok. At the campaign’s center is a film that takes our heroine through the streets of Paris to find the elusive Choupette — Lagerfeld’s much beloved Persian cat. Using a mix of live action and animation, we shot at quintessential Parisian locations and brought a touch of Bangkok to Paris via a Tuk Tuk, a much loved and iconic symbol in Thailand.

Jaspal x Karl Lagerfeld Campaign by Design Army

Using a mix of campaign assets, product focused content, and creating new animations allowed Jaspal to stay with their target segments through the journey to purchase.

The campaign extends to transportation with an awe-inspiring train takeover…

and to in store — from windows to display and floor merchandising. For the launch event, we designed a special edition shopping bag and journal — to take a little bit of Choupette with you wherever you go!

All roads led to a product launch that saw historic crowds with Jaspal customers waiting in line to be inspired and, most importantly, to purchase.


Nearly half of the product line sold out within two days. The client saw their highest engagement on social; and the campaign increased followers across social channels. Making the Paris to Bangkok, Bangkok to Paris campaign one of the most successful for Jaspal.