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Stylish cocktails with a twist – Mocktail Club

Mocktail Club is a maker of sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails with bold flavors and pure ingredients.

Mocktail Club approached Design Army to evolve their product from a social drink for expecting mothers to an option for anyone seeking a sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage when celebrating or socializing.

Our exploration began with taste. In the rich and nuanced flavors of each fruit blend we found our inspiration. We morphed distinct colors together, separate but united, to create something new. Bombay Fire, Manhattan Berry, Capri Sour, and Havana Twist were each made visual with vibrant colors that spoke directly to the fruits and spices layered to create their flavor.

The mix of bold sans serif typography, ethereal blushes of color, and a clean white background is unexpected, able to break through the noise on crowded shelves. The label is concise, letting more of the beverage shine through.

For brand photography, we recreated a party setting and incorporated Mocktail Club as the defining refreshment of the event. Mocktail Club can be enjoyed by itself or with added ingredients and liquors, offering endless inspiration for bold mocktails and cocktails. Shot with high contrast against a bright white background, the photos convey the product as a premium refreshment — festive, attractive, and good for you.