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Redefining classic for the digital age – Neenah Paper

Neenah Paper is a premium paper company, an innovator in letterpress,
colored, and textured paper since 1873.

Designed by and for designers, Neenah Paper enlisted Design Army to recreate their entire CLASSIC Paper line — from color to texture — trendsetting the future of packaging and print design. We studied every aspect of paper, seeking inspiration from the Renaissance period, to Paris runways and even Beijing temples. Featuring new colors and textures, we also developed concepts for 3 swatch books, a promotional book, video assets and a social media campaign.

We spent 12 months in research and development, creating color dyes, testing textures, and conducting printability tests. We mixed paints and oils by hand to invent a new palette of timeless hues, before teaming up with scientists to perfect the chemistry.

From designing the paper, to creating the campaign’s wildly inventive graphics (i.e. life-sized color wheels and envelopes turned haute couture) — we art directed a photoshoot inspired by surrealism. We created key visuals to capture a sense of wonder and showcase the new CLASSIC hues.

Using the photographs across all assets, we created the swatch books, a promotional book and custom paper samples while exclusively using the new colors. Working on every aspect of this unique rebrand, Design Army proves that paper is anything but dead.

Developing a full social media strategy, we created still photography, GIFS, and custom content. We increased Instagram followers by 78% (+2,500 follower in under 2 months) and engagement growth is over 167%.