“Our Family Knows Glasses.”

Changing perception to modernize a historic retail brand – Georgetown Optician

Georgetown Optician is a 30-year-old family-owned business offering unparalleled service and the most fashionable luxury eyewear.

Approached two years ago by Georgetown Optician to rebrand the venerable 30-year old retailer of fine eyewear, we looked no further than the Voorthuis family for inspiration. We developed a multi-channel campaign to introduce the eye-obsessed family to a wider audience, and to establish a narrative that could be expanded over a period of years. And with that – the concept “Our Family Knows Glasses” came to life.

For our sophomore effort, we extended the narrative. Building from the brand equity established from the prior year, we introduced the family matriarch, the deadly chic, Grandma Ida, and Igor her loyal butler. Through a clever plot line, told in the style of a classic “whodunit,” we were seamlessly able to extend the consumer segment while integrating a greater range of product.

While the video was the centerpiece of the campaign, we kept the storytelling alive though print advertising. Using the family and familiar iconography, we highlighted both brand and product – helping to position the company as an arbiter of taste and style.

Our social strategy involved a combination of photography and video that furthered the message and raised brand awareness.

To leverage owned media, we launched the campaign across social channels. The film garnered thousands of views and a spike in engagement within days. Following with custom content, and BTS outtakes, kept engagement and momentum growing – ultimately deepening engagement and growing community.