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The Washington Ballet's Alice (in Wonderland)

Design Army is pleased to announce their campaign for The Washington Ballet's world premiere of the new show Alice (in Wonderland). With new costumes, choreography and musical scores, the ballet promises to be a most curious performance. The costumes are a true looking-glass of colors as Liz Vandal's (Cirque du Soleil's OVO) designs spring to life even when the dancers are standing still. To help the Ballet paint the town red, the studio created a series of images that highlight the artistry of the dancers and designers. Colors and contours take center stage: Alice's blonde hair is intentionally a mess—after all she just went down a rabbit hole. The White Rabbit is leaping (not hopping) because he's running late. The Mad Hatter is truly mad—no one knows if it's the multi-hued jacket he's wearing or the potent brew in his black-and-white cup. Tweedledee and Tweedledum have a ballet spring to their step. And then there's the Queen of Hearts, who is seeing red as she demands to know who ate her tarts. Rose petals (and heads) fall around her but the Dancing Card takes her punishment in style with a not-so-lucky number 7 – dripping with red. It's a dark, deadly wonderland brought to life with a pirouette of vibrant colors.

The images can be seen in the Washington Life Magazine, print and online ads, and bus stops all over Washington, DC. Read more


design army discovers a world of oneder

Washington D.C.'s top creative firm is pleased to announce their campaign for The One Club's annual One Show 2012 competition: ONEderful. From concept and design to photography art direction, Design Army collaborated with photographer Cade Martin to create a ONEderful, whimsical world of fuzzy bunnies, baby chicks, talking bears and smiling clouds; where deadlines give way to creative euphoria and that ONE, elusive idea suddenly hits you.

The One Show, hosted by the One Club, is the premiere international advertising award show that sets the industry standard for creative advertising in print, television, radio, outdoor, innovative marketing, integrated branding and branded content. Enter the One Show 2012 and enter something ONEderful. Read more


Design Army reimagines the classic

Conventional wisdom says don't tinker with a classic. Well, Design Army doesn't do conventional; we do conceptual. The firm joined forces with Neenah Paper to transform their CLASSIC® line of swatch books from popular tools of marketing into progressive works of art. Check out the video to see how we custom-crafted stunning photos and sparkling copy to reimagine the CLASSIC® quartet of paper. Read more




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