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Neenah Classics
Reimagine the Classics

Conventional wisdom says don’t tinker with a classic. Well, Design Army doesn’t do conventional; we do conceptual. The firm joined forces with Neenah Paper to transform their CLASSIC® line of swatch books from popular tools of marketing into progressive works of art. Check out the video to see how we custom-crafted stunning photos and sparkling copy to reimagine the CLASSIC® quartet of paper.

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Neenah Paper PERFECT10N photo Perfect Combinations Perfect Mix Perfect Mind 360 Design Degrees

Why stop at perfection? If you reimagine the classics, then rejuvenate the collateral. From buttons and booths to iPad contests and ad campaigns, every detail of Neenah’s brand deserved a unified makeover. It’s a classic Design Army production.

Neenah’s new line of colors – The Perfect Ten – demanded a flawless promotion. Design Army made the debut a splash with pure PERFECT10N. The book expertly integrates concept, art direction and color pacing. A creative Perfect 10.
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